Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21, 2006

Last Wednesday, it was my first time to commute home alone. What an experience! My first time! Hahaha! My first time to commute home, but it was with a friend was just this Tuesday. Haha! It was both exciting and scary at the same time. Haha! Yesterday, woke up at around 6:30 am! I thought I was going to be late. Turned out that when I arrived in Makati, it was just 8 am! I took my usual walk from the MRT Buendia station to Citibank building. Every time I walk along Paseo de Roxas, I notice a building. I really, really like its design. I don't know why. It's the building beside the Hotel before Makati Ave. Anyway, arrived at the office at 8:20. It takes me 20 mins. to walk from the station to the office. It's my morning exercise! :D Hehe! I don't get to play basketball anymore because I come home late. So, this is my exercise! :) Walking. haha! That Thursday was a very very embarassing day. We heard from an officemate of our who works in Citibank that if you want to meet beautiful girls, you should go to the 12th floor of the building. Our boss heard that one of my co-interns wanted to meet them. She arranged that the three os us, interns, go up the 12th floor to bring something to her friend. We went up and got the surprise of our life! Our boss played a joke on us! Well, not really a joke. haha! Our boss told the person up in the 12th floor, to whom we were bringing the food, to tour us around the room! It was so embarassing! We were like supervisors there touring every inch of the room. haha! We didn't get to notice if there were beautiful girls there because the LCD monitors caught of attention instead. Actually, I just tagged along I'm not looking for any girls either. I'm waiting for someone special :) No need to look in any other direction because I have found who I'm looking for :) There we 2 LCD monitors on the tables where an employee sits there and uses the 2 LCD monitors. The 2 monitors are both 21-inch monitors! Wow! In our office, we three interns share just one computer! How then can you expect to program a project within one week with just one computer? Right? haha! That day was a great day. During lunch, our boss treated us to lunch! :) She ordered North Park for us to eat. And the other officemate of ours, the regular employee, treated us to dinner by ordering Shakeys! :) It was his first pay day! haha! We were very lucky :) By the way, Citibank's pay day is on the 5th day of the month and on the 20th day of the month :) We interns didn't get our allowance yet because we just started last April 17. We are going to get our first allowance on the 5th day of May :) I'm excited! haha! My first ever pay from a company :) Friday, today, was just a usual day. I got to meet two interns today. I forgot the other intern's name, but the other one is sandy, whom I met at the cafeteria of the building. I hope to meet the other interns as well since we are 68 all in all interns. There are about 20+ Ateneans there in Citibank and the next school with the most students in Citibank is UP. Then, DLSU. Then UA&P. And the other schools. hehe! After work, I met up with my family at Greenhills because my brother went there to buy a new cellphone. He bought the Motorolla phone. The slim, black phone. I too looked around and I found my future graduation gift from my parents :) I want a PDA-cellphone. So far, the phone that I have chosen is the O2 Atom cellphone. I also considered the O2 IIi cellphone, but it was too big. I want something small so that it could fit in my pocket. Something as big as the O2 Mini. haha! I'm still undecided. Or maybe I can buy the P990 which is coming up soon. It's the latest version of the P910i phone by SONY. By October, I'll be buying one of those phones or better because I'll be graduating this October :) I hope and pray to work in HP someday. hehe! Or maybe, I'll go to Hong Kong. This is my last summer semester! Huhuhu! And my last first semester is coming up soon! :) I'm really excited to graduate. To be able to see someone again (that's the real reason that I want to graduate!:)) and to work to earn money for myself :) hehe!

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