Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Work - God's Gift to Me

Today was my third day in my new work. So far, so good. Though I don't have a PC yet. I should expect my PC to arrive either tomorrow or Friday. They bought new PCs for the whole company. The brand that they chose was DELL because DELL has an ongoing promotion for office PCs.

Anyway, that's beside the main point for my blog entry today. Let me share to you how God has blessed me with this new job. First and foremost, I have complaining countless number of times about my old job. Thank you for those people who have listened to my rants and complaints. There are 4 major things why I didn't like my job.

1. I don't learn much.
Yes. I really don't learn much. I want to learn how to start my own business, so that is why I'm currently working in a small company rather than a large company. I have experienced working in a large company already, and it didn't teach me much about starting my own business. Working in a large company won't help you to learn much things on starting my own business because all the processes are already fixed. You do a certain aspect of the business, and you don't get to see the big picture. Also, in my old company, what I do is do maintenance work for card printers, help customers with their problems, and create a company website. These things are too easy and I don't get to learn much.

2. Low pay
In my old job, the pay is considerable low. I talked with my dad about it and he said that it's okay. This is just a stepping stone for me to go to Hong Kong to work. Well, that is true. It was only a stepping stone for me to go to Hong Kong to work because the experience that I will get working in Hong Kong will be much, much different from the experience that I will get by working in the Philippines.

3. Too far from my home
Yes. Sha tin is really far from my home (I live in North Point, Hong Kong Island). It takes me 30 minutes to get to work by bus and it costs me 31 HKD per day just for transportation! It is that expensive.

4. Smart card program
My dad and I are planning to start a business that concerns programming stuff in smart cards. Sad to say, in my old company, they didn't teach me how to do it. They hardly taught me anything because the guy there was lazy and afraid that I would be the one who would replace him someday since jobs in Hong Kong are very competitive.

I prayed to God that He would bless me with another job. A better job than the job I had. He did answer my prayer! Actually, it was prayers. My parents and grandma prayed for me too. In my new job:

1. I think I will learn much.
This company that I'm in is a technical company. It offers business solutions to restaurants and hotels. They have the loyalty card promo for Ruby Tuesday Kuwait and Intercontinental Hotels Group in Kuwait. I'm currently learning how to program in ASP and use MS SQL for the database.

2. Higher pay.
This company offered me a higher pay than my old one. In addition to that, I would receive a raise when I finish my regularization period (3 months).

3. Near
This new company is quite near to my home. I now work in Central, the business district in Hong Kong. I always wanted to work in Central. But I don't want to have lunch in Central because there are a lot of people during lunch time! And I mean, A LOT!

4. Smart card business
Our main business plan is starting a loyalty program for restaurants and hotels. Actually, this is a great opportunity because this company offers this kind of service! How ironic! :)

5. Travel
I didn't mention travel in my other company because I was not given the chance. I always wanted to travel! My current boss talked to me awhile ago and told me that I will accompany him going to Kuwait for a business trip! Imagine! I can go to another country for free! Well, I can take a look around during the weekends there. Such a great opportunity because I love traveling to different places in the world.

Overall, I really regard this new company as a great blessing from God. Actually, to be honest, even before I interviewed for this position, I have already felt that everything is part of God's plan and His plan is for me to join this new company. Ever felt something so certain even before it was given to you? Well, I thought and felt this while I was washing dishes (what a time to be reflecting!:P) and preparing myself for the interview.

This is really a great blessing from God. Just want to offer up my thanksgiving to the Lord! :) :)