Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April 5, 2006

I'm so hungry right now. The students are not leaving yet. So, we can't eat! haha! I hope that they leave soon. Our food is Tapa King, good thing that DISCS is sponsoring our lunch for the whole practicum period so we won't spend anything for our food. Later today, I have an interview with citibank for my OJT. I hope that I get in Citibank. Actually, these are my choices for summer internship, and they are ranked by number. 1. Hong Kong, Systems Ltd, I hope to get in this company because it's in Hong Kong! Going to another country is something. Also, I will be paid around 3k to 5k Hong Kong dollar. That's a lot of money for an intern! haha! 2. Citibank, because it's a great privilege to be able to work in a multinational company. 3. STORM, actually, I got accepted already. I got the text message that I got accepted last night around 8 pm. Well, for me, there are good points and bad points in joining this company. First, it's a start-up company. We have to bring our own laptops for work. It's a hassle if you don't have a car to ride in. It's a laptop. It costs a lot of money. Robbers would be tempted to steal from you. Second point is that we work in a condominium and not in an office. I won't get the real feel or working in an office. But, there are good points as well. Because it's a start up company, so, I can get ideas if I start my own business some day. Well, actually, that's the main good point :D hehe! EAting time! At last! haha! I hope God answers my prayers :D Hehe!

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