Friday, April 21, 2006

April 21, 2006

Last Wednesday, it was my first time to commute home alone. What an experience! My first time! Hahaha! My first time to commute home, but it was with a friend was just this Tuesday. Haha! It was both exciting and scary at the same time. Haha! Yesterday, woke up at around 6:30 am! I thought I was going to be late. Turned out that when I arrived in Makati, it was just 8 am! I took my usual walk from the MRT Buendia station to Citibank building. Every time I walk along Paseo de Roxas, I notice a building. I really, really like its design. I don't know why. It's the building beside the Hotel before Makati Ave. Anyway, arrived at the office at 8:20. It takes me 20 mins. to walk from the station to the office. It's my morning exercise! :D Hehe! I don't get to play basketball anymore because I come home late. So, this is my exercise! :) Walking. haha! That Thursday was a very very embarassing day. We heard from an officemate of our who works in Citibank that if you want to meet beautiful girls, you should go to the 12th floor of the building. Our boss heard that one of my co-interns wanted to meet them. She arranged that the three os us, interns, go up the 12th floor to bring something to her friend. We went up and got the surprise of our life! Our boss played a joke on us! Well, not really a joke. haha! Our boss told the person up in the 12th floor, to whom we were bringing the food, to tour us around the room! It was so embarassing! We were like supervisors there touring every inch of the room. haha! We didn't get to notice if there were beautiful girls there because the LCD monitors caught of attention instead. Actually, I just tagged along I'm not looking for any girls either. I'm waiting for someone special :) No need to look in any other direction because I have found who I'm looking for :) There we 2 LCD monitors on the tables where an employee sits there and uses the 2 LCD monitors. The 2 monitors are both 21-inch monitors! Wow! In our office, we three interns share just one computer! How then can you expect to program a project within one week with just one computer? Right? haha! That day was a great day. During lunch, our boss treated us to lunch! :) She ordered North Park for us to eat. And the other officemate of ours, the regular employee, treated us to dinner by ordering Shakeys! :) It was his first pay day! haha! We were very lucky :) By the way, Citibank's pay day is on the 5th day of the month and on the 20th day of the month :) We interns didn't get our allowance yet because we just started last April 17. We are going to get our first allowance on the 5th day of May :) I'm excited! haha! My first ever pay from a company :) Friday, today, was just a usual day. I got to meet two interns today. I forgot the other intern's name, but the other one is sandy, whom I met at the cafeteria of the building. I hope to meet the other interns as well since we are 68 all in all interns. There are about 20+ Ateneans there in Citibank and the next school with the most students in Citibank is UP. Then, DLSU. Then UA&P. And the other schools. hehe! After work, I met up with my family at Greenhills because my brother went there to buy a new cellphone. He bought the Motorolla phone. The slim, black phone. I too looked around and I found my future graduation gift from my parents :) I want a PDA-cellphone. So far, the phone that I have chosen is the O2 Atom cellphone. I also considered the O2 IIi cellphone, but it was too big. I want something small so that it could fit in my pocket. Something as big as the O2 Mini. haha! I'm still undecided. Or maybe I can buy the P990 which is coming up soon. It's the latest version of the P910i phone by SONY. By October, I'll be buying one of those phones or better because I'll be graduating this October :) I hope and pray to work in HP someday. hehe! Or maybe, I'll go to Hong Kong. This is my last summer semester! Huhuhu! And my last first semester is coming up soon! :) I'm really excited to graduate. To be able to see someone again (that's the real reason that I want to graduate!:)) and to work to earn money for myself :) hehe!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Holy Week and First Day to work at Citibank Makati (April 17, 2006)

Just got my internet connection restored yesterday. If given that there is another dsl provider in our area, I would definitely change to that dsl provider and would unsubscribe myself from pldt. Service is not good, and the internet connection is so slow (mine is the personal plan, 2500 pesos, 768k speed). On some days, I get only 200+k connection speed! Such a waste of money. I hope Bayantel would be able to connect a line here somewhere because our area is a pldt dominated area. haha! Today, I had my first day of OJT in Citibank :) Our boss is Veronica Fernando. She seems very serious, but she laughs sometimes. Haha! I don't know. Haha! Tomorrow will be my second day. Actually, I'm enthusiastic to work in Citibank. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I want to try to win the Super Summer Intern Award of citibank. Haha! It would be a great honor to receive that award. Well, that's all for now. Got to study macros and visual basic for my work tom.! :) Until next time! :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6, 2006

Got word from the Hong Kong company that they are not hiring employers for just 2 months. Too bad. haha! I'll try again in October because by that time, I'm already a graduate. But, of course, there are several factors to consider if ever I'll be going to Hong Kong for work. Of course, the first and most important of all the factors is her. Imagine that we'll be apart for one year. It's even farther because we are in different countries already. That's the biggest and main factor in my decision if I'm going to Hong Kong to work. Second is that I'll be alone (Well, not completely alone because relatives on my dad's side are there) and I don't know how to speak Cantonese. So, I really, really have to learn how to speak Cantonese. Good thing that I got accepted in Citibank, so I'll be working there this April 17. I won't be accepting Accenture (if ever I get in) and STORM anymore. I'm already excited for my first day of work this April 17! Imagine, working in Citibank. Haha! Also, the funny thing is that 3 of cousins work or have worked in Citibank. It's so funny because the one who interviewed me for the job is an officemate and church mate of my cousin, and a fellow almnus of Grace Christian High School (I'm not being proud of my high school. I'm just stating the name. There's nothing to be proud about Grace. NOTHING.) It's really a small small world. Haha! I think that the OJT Program of Citibank is good just like the Summer OJT Program of PLDT and other companies. Excited to work for my first day! :) Hehe

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You often find it hard to believe you are worthy of the love and attention given to you by your partner, and always worry he/she could do much better than you.

Your insecurity sometimes leads you to pushing people away, or holding on too tightly. Either way, your relationships often end in tears.

Maybe you had your heart broken in the past, or have a low self-esteem - whatever the reasons are, you struggle to see what other people see in you. Some people will find this frustrating, but there will be someone out there who will delight in telling you just how fab you really are until you start to believe it yourself.

Most compatible with: The Hopeless Romantic

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Comments: I think this is true :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quiz Farm

What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)

Math? totoo ba yan? hahaha

Interview with Citibank

Just finished my interview with citibank :) I got accepted. Haha! I'll be working in the QA (Quality Assurance) Department. What I'll do is that I'll make a program that converts text files to excel files. Hmm.. This is kinda hard. haha! Well, at least, I'm sure that I'll do something rather than just sit around and do nothing. Haha! 300 pesos per day is not bad. haha! How I will go to Makati is the problem since I don't know how to commute! haha! But, I'm still waiting for Hong Kong. I got till this Friday to decide. I hope and pray that the company in Hong Kong will reply to my email. It's really a good opportunity. Haha! If the company does not reply by Friday, I'll take citibank. But if the company replies before Friday, I'll take the company in Hong Kong. hehe! :) Happy day today! :D

April 5, 2006

I'm so hungry right now. The students are not leaving yet. So, we can't eat! haha! I hope that they leave soon. Our food is Tapa King, good thing that DISCS is sponsoring our lunch for the whole practicum period so we won't spend anything for our food. Later today, I have an interview with citibank for my OJT. I hope that I get in Citibank. Actually, these are my choices for summer internship, and they are ranked by number. 1. Hong Kong, Systems Ltd, I hope to get in this company because it's in Hong Kong! Going to another country is something. Also, I will be paid around 3k to 5k Hong Kong dollar. That's a lot of money for an intern! haha! 2. Citibank, because it's a great privilege to be able to work in a multinational company. 3. STORM, actually, I got accepted already. I got the text message that I got accepted last night around 8 pm. Well, for me, there are good points and bad points in joining this company. First, it's a start-up company. We have to bring our own laptops for work. It's a hassle if you don't have a car to ride in. It's a laptop. It costs a lot of money. Robbers would be tempted to steal from you. Second point is that we work in a condominium and not in an office. I won't get the real feel or working in an office. But, there are good points as well. Because it's a start up company, so, I can get ideas if I start my own business some day. Well, actually, that's the main good point :D hehe! EAting time! At last! haha! I hope God answers my prayers :D Hehe!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hong Kong OJT and other stuff

Just received an email from my 2nd cousin that the person that I've contacted for my OJT in Hong Kong is on leave! Wow! How am I going to know then if I got accepted or not? Haha! I hope that he comes back quickly so that I can prepare all the things that I need to do before April 17. Haha!

Today, I was late for my practicum with ASPC. Traffic was very heavy especially on EDSA. All the buses, jeeps and taxis kept stopping causing traffic! Sometimes I just wish that there were no buses, jeeps, and taxis anymore. They're the ones causing the traffic! Not the private vehicles. The number coding scheme should only apply to them and not to the private vehicles! They are very inconsiderate especially jeepney drivers! The swerve from one side of the road to the other side of the road, and stop almost any time causing traffic! I liked my brother's plan when he said he would make an EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) so that he could zap all the jeepneys, rendering them worthless. This would cause much traffic, but at least, it would get rid of all the jeepneys. Haha! I'm bad. But not I'm the only who would benefit from this. It would be for the benefit of all because the would be lesser traffic! Haha!

Also, not only public transportation vehicles but motorcycles as well. Well, the bad thing about them is that they drive like they own the road. Once you hit them, regardless whose fault it is, the one with the larger vehicles is the one at fault? Is that justice? There's no justice here in the Philippines! Sometimes, I would really, really wish that I was not born in this country. Especially if you're Chinese like me. People in public offices (police, etc.) tend to take advantage of you. They get money from you in any way that you can. See? Is that justice? Also, in the news last night, the reporter was reporting how GMA cheated in the 2004 elections. See with all these problems here in this country? For me, this country is hopeless. Open your eyes! Take a look at reality! Nothing is improving in this country anymore! (Well, maybe the peso to dollar exchange rate is improving.) People keep on saying that there is still hope. Well, I agree that this country still has hope if God helps this country. Because anything can happen because that's God. But, if you take a look at this country, I don't think that there will be much changes in the next 15 to 20 years. It will just grow from worse to worst. (Sounds pesimistic?) I'm just stating facts.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My First Life Journal!

This is the first time that I'll be writing a live journal. haha! I'm a newbie! I'm currently busy with my practicum with Ateneo DISCS (Department of Informations Systems and Computer Science) and I should be helping the high school students with Java, but nah.. I'm writing my live journal. haha! 4 more days to go and my practicum with DISCS is over. I'm excited to have my real work in Hong Kong (hopefully) that the company in Hong Kong will reply to me via email so that I would make preparations already for my trip to Hong Kong. When I get there, I have to fix a lot of stuff, especially, to renew my citizenship for it has expired 3 or 4 years ago. haha!