Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Hong Kong Life

Been here in Hong Kong for 2 weeks already. So far, so good. I'm enjoying myself. If only we didn't have the school in Manila, we would have migrated here in Hong Kong. Everything is so convenient. Transportation is awesome! No stupid bus drivers, like in Manila, causing all the traffic waiting for customers. There's hardly any traffic at all here in Hong Kong! The bus that I take is Bus 168. It normally takes me 30 minutes to go to my office is Sha Tin. Imagine, from North Point (Hong Kong Island) to Sha Tin (New Territories), it only takes me 30 minutes! And Sha Tin is very far from North Point. In addition to that, Sha Tin is where Cecilia lives. I can crash at here place when she's here in Hong Kong! (I hope!) After a long time of no blogging, here I am, blogging again. Here are a few updates with my life so far:
  • Life
    • Life is great right now! New country! New language to learn and new culture. To be honest, a better country than the Philippines because this is a first world country. Everything is so high tech! You can purchase movie tickets online, pay for them using your mobile phone! (I saw this is a Japanese show that they have this in Japan) You don't have to line up. So far, I'm definitely enjoying. Oh, did I mention that the food here is awesome! Haha!
  • Work
    • Work so far is okay. The company I'm working for is Smartcard Systems Limited here in Hong Kong. So far, work has been boring. They asked me to update their website. I've finished updating the site and is now uploading them to the internet. I used a free web hosting (Zymic, I think is that name) to store the site temporarily. My cousin (the one who referred me to the company) is in Taiwan, so he can't really approve if the website can be posted already. The office is so far away, I spend $30.4 HKD per day just for the bus ride! The food, on the other hand, costs around $30 HKD! So, in a day, I spend more or less $60 HKD! That's P300+! Haha! It's too expensive. Got to save money!
  • Friends
    • Friends so far have been great. Met a few of them already when I was here last March. We went out last Saturday and watched Indiana Jones. Movie was okay. I'm not really an Indiana Jones fan. The movie that I'm waiting for is Batman the Dark Knight which comes out this July 2008! Can't wait for it!
  • Church
    • Went to ECC (Evangelical Community Church) for Sunday worship last Sunday. This church is a one of a kind church, I tell you! This is the only church that I know who offers unlimited Starbucks while having the message! You offer $10 HKD as donation! Imagine! $10 HKD only and you get unlimited Starbucks! Wow! That's incredible! Most people going to this church are Americans. (Well, the message is in English, that's why! Haha!)
  • Love Life
    • Just one word to sum it up: ZERO. Haha! Even highlighted it just to emphasize the point. Will give an update if there is. Haha!
Well, that's basically what's happening in my life. If anyone is going to Hong Kong, just drop me a YM message! :)