Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 6, 2006

Got word from the Hong Kong company that they are not hiring employers for just 2 months. Too bad. haha! I'll try again in October because by that time, I'm already a graduate. But, of course, there are several factors to consider if ever I'll be going to Hong Kong for work. Of course, the first and most important of all the factors is her. Imagine that we'll be apart for one year. It's even farther because we are in different countries already. That's the biggest and main factor in my decision if I'm going to Hong Kong to work. Second is that I'll be alone (Well, not completely alone because relatives on my dad's side are there) and I don't know how to speak Cantonese. So, I really, really have to learn how to speak Cantonese. Good thing that I got accepted in Citibank, so I'll be working there this April 17. I won't be accepting Accenture (if ever I get in) and STORM anymore. I'm already excited for my first day of work this April 17! Imagine, working in Citibank. Haha! Also, the funny thing is that 3 of cousins work or have worked in Citibank. It's so funny because the one who interviewed me for the job is an officemate and church mate of my cousin, and a fellow almnus of Grace Christian High School (I'm not being proud of my high school. I'm just stating the name. There's nothing to be proud about Grace. NOTHING.) It's really a small small world. Haha! I think that the OJT Program of Citibank is good just like the Summer OJT Program of PLDT and other companies. Excited to work for my first day! :) Hehe


Anonymous said...

Congrats sa Citibank! Hindi ko na sisiputin ung interview ko.. Tamad na ako hehe! Sayang lang hindi ako Makati like all you guys.

So how do you say no politely? :p
- gretch

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