Saturday, June 07, 2008

Black Rain in Hong Kong

This is the first time that I experienced black rain in Hong Kong. Rain was falling non-stop and some of the streets in Hong Kong are already flooded. It seems that they separate the signals for rain and wind. For rain, it's yellow rain, red rain, and black rain. Yellow, I think, classes are suspended for the kindergarten level and primary level. Red, for high school and college. Black, for all of Hong Kong, meaning people who are working. For the hurricane signals, I'm not quite sure of the number. But the worst that I've experienced was signal number 8. My umbrella was being blown away. Wind was very strong, and I mean very strong. Offices were suspended and people were asked to go home. It was very crowded in the MTR. People kept pushing each other. Made me reminisce my experience with the MRT in Manila. Actually, people in Manila who are riding the MRT always push each other around. It made me think if people here are more disciplined than the people in Manila. But according to my dad, Hong Kong people are scary which is why people don't push each other around. Well, I got home that day safe, but I won't forget that day. That was the only time that someone pushed me inside the MTR (other than the MRT in Manila). Well, I get to rest today. No half day work on Saturdays! :) Yehey! Monday is a holiday too. So, I get more or less 3 days vacation. Which is great! :)

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