Sunday, March 11, 2007

03-08-07 and 03-10-07

Last March 8 was my 22nd birthday. My dad had lunch with me at terriyaki boy in Banawe. Too bad my bro and my mom wasn't there because my mom stayed in the office because she needs to be there all the time, and my brother was in school. Well, after dinner, I went to the office and my teammates and officemates greeted me :) Also, my friends, both college and high school greeted me also. I also received a greeting from her. She greeted me by leaving a message in my yahoo messenger. I don't know if I'm feeling bad because I didn't greet her on her birthday last January. Well, a part of me is telling me that I should have greeted her. But a part of me is telling me that I did the right thing. Because I'll admit that I'm disappointed that everything didn't work out so well. And the all the reasons that she gave me, for me was unacceptable. Well, okay, I'll admit that I got mad at that time at her that's why I didn't greet her. Why greet someone if you're not greeting her whole-heartedly, right? Don't know what I should have done. Well, past is past. Everything's in the past.

Fast-forward to March 10 (Saturday). Joyce, Sheena, and I treated our barkada to dinner at avenido's . I should have gone earlier so that the food was still hot. But I went to the gym and finished around 7:20. Went to Greenbelt parking to leave my bad and back again to Glorietta. On the way, I met a lot of Atenean friends. (Ritz, Rica, Ellaine, and Kris). I arrived at the restaurant and the food was already cold. After dinner, five of us went to watch 300. (Lawrence, Louise, Tim, Bry, and me). The movie was awesome! Even though it had so much gore and violent scenes. But the movie was awesome! :) I suddenly remembered Mr. David Lozada when he was discussing this historical event during History 18 class. Story telling was Dave Lozada's style of teaching. Imagine, it has been 3 yrs and I still remember some of his story. Wow! Haha! Well, that's all for now :)

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