Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sept. 3, 2006

Defense didn't go that well yesterday, i did something wrong so i had to edit my program again. luckily, i had help with my friend troy who helped my with my program. that problem was just three lines of code. one line per module in my C program. i submitted my project to sir and asked if i would have to defend again. so far, he hasn't replied to my email yet.

one more month and i will join the people under the status of "unemployed". hahaha! i still don't know what my plan is after college. my dad really, really wants me to go to hong kong and work there. because it's a better environment, better pay, and i'll learn much more there as compared working here in the philippines. no more reason also to stay here in this country to work.. hehe!

something that i've thought and maybe you guys would want to think about it: "people say that there is hope, but is there really hope? Or people just say that there is hope to give hope to those who have no hope". Just a philosophical statement that i've thought of :) i can't believe it! I'm becoming a philosophical nerd. it's so uncharacteristic of me. hahaha!

this week is a much better week compared to last week. so far, the only school work that i have to do is my php project. AJMA's website which is due this Thurs. I have to start soon so that I don't cram the project. But I hope that sir agloro and sir de vera would extend the deadline. haha!

last friday, we had a IT career talk. 4 companies went to the talk. Philippine Online, Accenture, Canon, and IBM. I like accenture's presentation and I like IBM because of the company's reputation. but i still think HP is better than Accenture and IBM. hehe! Hope that i can go to HP to work :)

Well, that's all for now :)


Anonymous said...

Haller! :D Yay Lapit ka na matapos!:D


lloyd said...

Good luck to you! :D Apply in Azeus. Haha! :)

Eli Lao said...

oo nga eh! recommend mo ko HP ah. haha!

Eli Lao said...

lloyd, ok ba dyan? panu apply? job hunting na ko eh :P hehe

Chrissy said...

Hello there... I searched OJT in Google and I got here by accident... Anyway, you worked for Citibank? How was it? :) I'm thinking of applying there for my OJT too...

Eli Lao said...

ok naman :) fun ang ojt sa citibank :) sorry for the late reply. haven't been checking my blog eh.. hehe

Anonymous said...

I accidentally searched regarding citibank. How did you apply for OJT? Did you apply personally or online?
Thanks =)